June 12, 2018

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Join CDSE for our June Speaker Series:

Supervisor Reporting and Security with PERSEREC
Thursday, June 14, 2018
12:00 p.m. ET

CDSE will host a discussion with Dr. Leissa Nelson of the Defense Personnel and Security Research Center. In this webinar, we will review known reporting obstacles and identify methods for increasing responsibility and motivation of supervisors for reporting behaviors related to security concerns.  

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New Insider Threat Case Studies Available

CDSE recently released two new Insider Threat Case Studies:

Insider Threat Case Study: Jiaqiang Xu – Economic Espionage

Insider Threat Case Study: Ivan Lopez

These case studies reinforce the adverse effects of the Insider Threat and can easily be included in an organization’s security education, training, and awareness programs.  They are suitable for printing or easy placement in a company or command newsletter, email, or training bulletin. 

Access both case studies today.

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