November 10, 2016

Availability of Controlled Unclassified Information Training At CDSE

Effective November 14, 2016, the revised controlled unclassified information (CUI) policies contained in Executive Order 13556 and 32 CFR Part 2002 are scheduled to be implemented. It is anticipated that the implementation of these new policies will be phased-in, government-wide, over the next two years. For more information, visit the CDSE CUI Toolkit site.

CDSE will develop CUI training that aligns with these new CUI policies when a revised DoDM 5200.01, Vol. 4, DoD Information Security Program: Controlled Unclassified Information, is published. Current DoD policy requires DoD agencies, military services, and components to continue to handle, protect, and safeguard CUI in accordance with the legacy requirements outlined in the current DoDM 5200.01, Vol. 4. This policy will remain in effect until DoD publishes a revised DoDM 5200.01 Vol. 4.

Non-DoD agencies and organizations should refer to their individual CUI points of contact for additional training information and guidance.

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