NITAM Cultural Awareness Video Competition How does your organization create a workplace culture based on respect and understanding of its diverse workforce?

The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency and its partners in the Counter-Insider Threat community would like to hear about your organization's daily actions to create a positive workplace culture. A workplace culture is one that avoids social missteps, increases engagement, values diversity, and reduces the risk of insider threats.

Competition winners will receive recognition during the Annual Virtual Insider Threat Conference, September 2, 2021, co-hosted by the Center for Development of Security Excellence and Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security. This conference is broadcasted virtually to participants across the globe. All entries will be featured on the National Insider Threat Awareness Month 2021 website, in digital and print publications across the DOD, and on the free Insider Threat Sentry mobile app.

  1. Create an original video clip (between 30 – 45 seconds long) relevant to Cultural Awareness or any of the sub-themes: Toxic Workplaces, Leadership and Top-Down Culture, Microaggressions in the Workplace, and Work-Life Stressors.
    • Cultural Awareness/Competence: The integration of individuals and groups to a set of compatible behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system (i.e., community, organization, agency) to enable effective work in cross-cultural situations.
    • Toxic Workplace/Leadership: Toxic leaders are those who put their own needs or image above their subordinates, who micromanage their subordinates, and who are insecure in their own positions. This type of leadership can perpetuate a toxic work environment, often marked by poor communication, constant stress, regular infighting, mental or physical abuse, and stressed relationships amongst co-workers.
    • Leadership & Top-Down Culture: In top-down culture, a director or chief executive officer sets the business course and the cultural/workplace tone of the agency or organization. Leadership decisions are carried out by lower-level management throughout the chain of command.
    • Microaggressions in the Workplace: Microaggressions are subtle and usually unintentional actions (verbal, behavioral, environmental) that are directed at historically marginalized groups.
    • Work-Life Stressors: Negative or positive events that result in changes in personal, social, or professional responsibilities that require individuals to spend effort and energy to adjust. Stressors may be personal, financial, or professional.
  2. Prepare a short descriptive text of a maximum of 1000 characters to be uploaded along with the video.
  3. Submit your competition entry by delivering mp4 files through DOD SAFE: Recipient Name should be Insider Threat Communications Team and Email should be The Submission Deadline is: July 31, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.

There is no entry fee. Submission of an entry will indicate acceptance of the Competition Rules and Terms and Conditions.

Technical Requirements

  • Video clips must be 30 – 45 seconds in length.
  • Video files must be provided in MP4 format.
  • Must include a short title and descriptive text of a maximum of 1000 characters.

Submission Requirements

One entrant may submit two entries (an entry consists of one video clip) in total in the competition. A submission will be required for each entry. Your submission should include

  • A point of contact (name(s))
  • Contact information (email and phone)
  • Organization name
  • Video attachment
  • Video title identified in Body or Subject Line
  • Theme identified in Body or Subject Line
  • Explicit permission from your organization to share content publicly (for example, on NITAM website or other venues (e.g., YouTube, DVIDS, etc.)) in Body
  • Approval from your organization's legal and/or public affairs office in Body

Legal Requirements

Entrants must have full copyrights to the submitted material, including sound effects and music (if applicable). All participants and identifiable individuals must give their consent to appearance (if applicable). Submissions may not endorse any product or service or include violence, obscenities, racism, or other defamatory content.

Any entry that does not follow the above technical, submission, or legal requirements is subject to disqualification.

Judging Criteria

Judges will be comprised of a panel of counter-insider threat professionals within the DOD. These judges will look for creative, thoughtful, and engaging submissions.

Entries will be judged on:

  1. Relevance of entry to competition theme: Does the video apply/address the theme of "Cultural Awareness in the Workplace?"
  2. Creative expression and/or originality: Does the video demonstrate thoughtfulness and intent, reflecting both personal experiences/observations on the topic and understanding of how workplace culture affects your organizational mission and workforce?
  3. Technical ability: How well is the video produced in regard to continuity, timing, camera operation, sound quality, editing, and adherence to the time limit?

Please contact the Communications Team for the Insider Threat Division at the Center for Development of Security Excellence at

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