What is on my STEPP homepage?

The catalog is available from the your homepage. Categories in the catalog contain different security disciplines such as Counterintelligence, General Security and Physical Security. Click a category to view associated training and related sub-categories.

From a category page you can:

  1. View, register, and launch learning activities.
  2. View summary and activity details for learning activities.
  3. Add learning activities to your favorites.
  4. Search for learning activities in the catalog.
  5. Access subcategories.

Shortcut Boxes

The left panel of your homepage contains shortcut boxes from where you can search for training, access quick links, and other training-related information.

  • Messages - View all STEPP notifications that are also e-mailed to your address listed in your profile.
  • Quick Links - Shortcut links to Edit Profile, Edit Preferences, Training Transcript and Training Schedule.
  • Favorites - Favorites are shortcut links that you can create to quickly access your training information. You can create favorite links for categories and learning activities.
  • Calendar - A monthly calendar that bolds any dates where you have instructor led courses scheduled.
  • Pending Activities - List of courses that you are pending approval for.