Unity 3D Plug-in Technical Issues/Error Messages

How do I test that the Unity Web Player plugin is working?

  1. Navigate to the demos website at: https://unity3d.com/gallery/demos/live-demos
  2. Click on one of the sample areas
  3. Click on the Play button in one of the video screens
  4. If the Web Player plugin has installed correctly and your machine is capable of playing Unity content, then the browser displays the running demo with moving objects and sound.

Ensure that a network firewall is not blocking the plugin execution. Note that each time the plugin is activated via the browser it will make a handshake connection to the unity3d.com site as evidenced by a Fiddler trace. If you are on the NIPRNet, you may be able to install the software, verify its folder existence yet be unable to launch due to your security settings. You may be advised to contact your IT department to verify.