STEPP Technical Issues/Error Messages

Why isn't the website displayed/working correctly?

  1. Press ALT+T on your keyboard to open Tools menu and select Compatibility View settings.
    Image for IE Compatibility View Settings
  2. Enter "" in the Add this website: box.
    Image for Add this website box
  3. Click Add, then Close.
  4. Press ALT+T on your keyboard to open Tools and select F12 Developer Tools. (Alternately, press F12 on your keyboard to access the same menu.)
    Image for F12 Developer Tools
  5. Select the Emulation tab and locate User agent string.
    Image for Emulation Tab
  6. Select the dropdown arrow for a list of browsers and select Internet Explorer 10. The page will automatically refresh.
    Image for Emulation Tab
  7. Save changes by clicking on the Image for Icon icon.
  8. Close the F12 Developer Tools window.