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How do I register for and complete a new curriculum in STEPP?

Most of the STEPP curricula require the completion of a Navigation document in order to enroll in the curriculum training. Training activities are modularized within the curriculum and are assigned accordingly.

  1. On the STEPP Homepage, scroll down to the Catalog section.
  2. From the Category Listings, select Curricula under the desired security interest.
  3. From the resulting list, select the Navigation document (.NAV) of the desired curriculum.
  4. Click the Start button to launch the document in a separate browser window.
  5. After reviewing/printing, close the document. You will then be prompted with the question "Have you completed the activity?" Select Yes to enroll in the curriculum, otherwise select No.
  6. Once enrolled, you will be assigned the activities in the first module of the curriculum. These activities will appear in your To-Do list once you log in (or you may click on the Learner icon at the top of the STEPP page to refresh and display the list).
  7. Included in the assigned activities will be a Completion document for the module (.M1). Launch the Completion document last (after the assigned activities) to initiate the next module assignments.
  8. Repeat until all modules of the curriculum have been completed. The curriculum diploma will then be awarded and can be accessed in your training transcript.