Certification Maintenance

What is a professional development unit (PDU)? What counts as a PDU?

A professional development unit (PDU) is a unit of continuing education and growth, including specific activities where one's experience has broadened by the preparation and/or presentation of the activity. You must earn and submit evidence of 100 PDUs during your two-year maintenance cycle, 50 of which must be related to security.

There are six professional development categories through which you can obtain PDUs. These include the following:

  1. Certification Programs
  2. A. Security Training and/or Certificate Programs
    B. Security Higher Education (i.e., credit-bearing)
  3. A. Non-Security Training, Education, and/or Certificate Programs
    B. Non-Security Higher Education (i.e., credit-bearing)
  4. Conferences and Workshops
  5. SPēD Certification Project
  6. Experience and Achievements

If you have any questions about what constitutes professional development, please contact your Department of Defense (DoD) SPēD Component point of contact (POC).