Maintaining your certification is easy! Simply follow these steps to maintain and renew your certifications.

one Log in to My SPēD Certification.

two Navigate to Certification Renewal Forms (CRFs).

three Determine which professional development category to use.

four Enter professional development units (PDUs) for that category.

five Ensure your PDUs are in the right category.

six Submit your form once you reach 100 PDUs.

In addition, please use the checklist as a guide to help you maintain your SPēD certifications. If you have any questions about certification maintenance or what constitutes professional development, please contact your DoD SPēD Component POC. Select the image to learn more:

Certification Maintenance Checklist

The SPēD Certification Maintenance Railway is a series of six short modules that are designed to familiarize certificants with the certification maintenance requirements and the renewal form. Select one of the six categories below to access the audio/visual tutorial for each one.

one Certification Programs

two Security-related Training Education, or Certificate Program and Higher Education

three Non-security-related Training, Education or Certificate Program and Higher Education

four Conferences and Workshops

five SPēD Certification Projects

six Experience and Achievements