Area of Expertise

Information Security/Classification Markings Exam Weight 13%

Addressing SAP Material Marking Challenges

Annotating SAP Documents

Marking Requirements for Working Papers Containing SAP Information

Marking Requirements for Disestablished SAPs

Marking Requirements for Non-Removable IS Storage Media

SAP Control Marking Requirements and Provisions

SAP Marking Processes and Procedures

Applying File Series (FS) Exemptions to SAP Documents

Marking Requirements for Removable IS Storage Media

Area of Expertise

Personnel Security Exam Weight 9%

SAP Nomination Processes (SAPNP) Purpose and Intent

Roles and Responsibilities for Requesting SAP Access

SAP Nomination Review Process

Nomination Requirements for Access to DoD SAP

Nomination Package Elements

Requirements for Continued Eligibility for SAP Access

Area of Expertise

SAP Security Exam Weight 24%

Exercising SAP Access Approval Authority (AAA)

Governing DoD SAPs

Unclassified Nicknames and Classified Code Words for DoD SAPs

SAP Access Eligibility Determinations and Acceptance

SAP Establishment Process

SAP Disestablishment Plans

Congressional Access Procedures to DoD SAPs

Initiating and Establishing Prospective DoD SAPs

SAP Central Offices (SAPCO) and USD(AT&L) Roles and Responsibilities

DoD SAP Hierarchical Structure, Access, and Inheritance

DoD SAP Program Protection Plans

Area of Expertise

Physical Security Exam Weight 16%

Controlling Access to a SAP Facility (SAPF)

SAPF Physical Protection Measures

SAPF Establishment, Accreditation, and Withdrawal of Accreditation

Controlling Combinations to SAPF Locks

SAPF Contruction

SAPF Acoustical Control and Sound Masking Techniques

SAPF Visits and Meetings

SAPF Two-Person Integrity (TPI) Security Measures

SAPF Physical Security Criteria

SAPF Co-Utilization Requirements

SAPF Entry/Exit Inspections

SAPF Intrusion Detection Systems

SAPF Automated Access Control Systems

Area of Expertise

Program Security Exam Weight 16%

Principal DoD Decision-Making Support Systems

Defense Acquisition Process Program Decisions

Security Requirements for Classified Contracts

The Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPB&E) Process

Using and Managing Program Protection Plans

Contract Types and Considerations

Area of Expertise

Risk Management Exam Weight 14%

Security Compliance Inspections

Managing Risks to DoD SAPs

Protecting Against Exposure

OPSEC Plans for DoD SAPs

Security Compliance Inspection Phases

DoD SAP Security and Briefing Requirements

Managing Risks to Program Information

Area of Expertise

Information Assurance Exam Weight 8%

Classified DoD SAP Information in Information Systems

DoD Risk Management Framework

IS Technical Security Requirements