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  • CI Foreign Travel Briefing
    Assists facility security officers (FSOs) working in cleared defense contract facilities in the development of their own tailored briefs. This course provides an outline of topics, which are recommended for inclusion in a CI Foreign Travel Brief. A briefing template is included which FSOs may use, adding or subtracting information to fit their individual needs.
  • Critical Program Information (CPI)
    Provides security officers with an introduction to Critical Program Information (CPI) including: definition, requirement for enhanced security protection known as a Program Protection Plan (PPP), and direction to applicable supporting policies.
  • Suspicious Emails
    Provides an opportunity to practice identifying what constitutes a suspicious email, while increasing awareness about the importance of reporting suspicious contacts.
  • Cybersecurity: Incident Response
    This short addresses the importance of and approaches to building an effective incident response capability.
  • Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence (FOCI)
    Provides a high-level FOCI overview for both government and industry audiences. This Short addresses FOCI issues as they relate to security, acquisition, and industry. It also serves as an excellent tool for Facility Security Officers (FSOs) who have never experienced FOCI, but have recently been through a foreign acquisition.
  • National Interest Determinations (NID) Process
    Provides a high-level overview of the National Interest Determinations (NID) process. It explains what a NID is, when a NID is required, and who is responsible for preparing and identifying the need for the NID.
  • Marking in the Electronic Environment
    Explains how to recognize and apply classification marking in the electronic environment.
  • Marking Syntax
    Provides information on how to apply the proper marking syntax to banner lines contained in a U.S. classified document based on portion markings contained therein. This includes the hierarchy and order of markings, the specific markings that fall within each category, and the proper formatting structure.
  • Adverse Information Reporting
    Provides information regarding adverse information reporting responsibilities. The short provides the opportunity to evaluate information and behaviors to determine if an incident report is appropriate, and identifies when and how adverse information should be reported.
  • Special Access Program (SAP) Markings
    Focuses on student ability to recognize and apply control markings to DOD SAP Information as set forth in the 5205.07, Volume 4, Special Access Program (SAP) Security Manual: Marking. This short will examine the special marking considerations for SAP information.
  • Special Access Program (SAP) Security Incidents
    Provides an opportunity to practice categorizing SAP security incidents and choosing the best "next actions" to take.