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Supply Chain Risk Management Job Aid
PDF icon August 2018, 5 pages. This job aid provides an introduction to supply chain risk management and serves as a performance support tool to enable best practices in managing supply chain risk.

Counterintelligence Awareness for Defense Critical Infrastructure
PDF icon July 2016, 3 pages. This job aid provides an introduction to Defense Critical Infrastructure sectors, awareness of threats, and knowledge of reporting requirements to those providing security services to critical infrastructure assets within the Department of Defense (DOD).

Foreign Collection Methods: Indicators and Countermeasures
PDF icon November 2015, 8 pages. Reporting contacts, activities, indicators, and behaviors associated with foreign intelligence entities (FIEs), a term which includes international terrorists, is required under DOD Directive 5240.06 Counterintelligence Awareness and Reporting (CIAR).

NISP Contract Classification System (NCCS) external link icon
Information on the National Industrial Security Program (NISP) Contract Classification System (NCCS).

Industrial Base Technology List
PDF icon February 2016, 12 pages. The job aid introduces security practitioners to DSS's Industrial Base Technology List (IBTL).  The IBTL identifies and defines critical U.S. defense technology and crosswalks all categories to the legacy Military Critical Technology List. This job aid is an excellent resource for the protection of U.S. technology and the implementation of research, development and acquisition security practices.

Instructions for Completing DD Form 254
PDF icon A printable guide to provide assistance for anyone who has been tasked with completing a DD Form 254.

Insider Threat Programs for the Critical Manufacturing Sector—Implementation Guide
PDF icon May 2019, 17 Pages This job aid is a collaboration between the DHS Cyber and Infrastructure Agency and the DCSA Center for Development of Security Excellence.  It provides guidance and information for critical manufacturing organizations to establish insider threat programs.

Introduction to the RMF for Special Access Programs (SAPs)
PDF icon April 2019, 11 pages. This document is a quick reference of the Risk Management Framework (RMF) used for the management of all networks, systems, and components under the purview of the Department of Defense (DOD) SAP information systems as set forth in the DODM 5205.07 SAP Security Manual: Volume 1 (V1) General Procedures, Reference Enclosure 6, Cybersecurity and the DOD Joint SAP Implementation Guide (JSIG).

SAPs Types and Categories
PDF icon September 2012, 2 pages. This printable reference identifies and defines the three types and three categories of Special Access Programs.

2017 National Security Adjudicative Guidelines Job Aid
PDF icon May 2017, 44 pages. The Director of National Intelligence, (DNI), signed Security Executive Agent Directive (SEAD) 4, National Security Adjudicative Guidelines, on December 10, 2016; the directive was implemented on June 8, 2017. This Job Aid highlights changes between the new 2017 adjudicative guidelines and the former 2005 guidelines.

Federal Investigative Standards (FIS) Crosswalk Guide
PDF icon April 2020, 2 pages. This job aid provides a reference guide for the Federal Investigative Standards (FIS). The guide identifies corresponding position designation and risk/sensitivity levels, required investigative forms, prior investigations, and FIS investigations and implementation timelines.