July 8, 2015

New International Visits Short

CDSE announces the launch of the International Visits Short. This 15 minute short provides industry personnel with a high-level overview of the international visit request process; it addresses timelines for processing visits, types of visit requests (including visit request forms), and common reasons for rejecting visit requests.

To view this, or any of our other Industrial Security Shorts, go to the Industrial Security Shorts page and click on the "GO" button next to the short you wish to view.

New Revised Federal Investigative Standards (FIS) Short

CDSE has released the Revised FIS Security Short. This short provides a high-level overview of the new, five-tiered investigative model, positions covered in this model, and FIS phased implementation. To access the short, go to the Personnel Security Shorts page and click on the "GO" button next to the short you wish to view.

New Electromechanical Lock (S&G 2740B & X 10) Videos & Operating Instructions

CDSE has released a series of operational videos and instructions on the new electromechanical combination locks (S&G 2740B and Kabba Mas X-10) that meet the new specification FF-L-2740B.

The videos and instructions were created to help security and administrative personnel operate and change the combinations of these two new approved locks, to safeguard classified information. These tools are on the CDSE website for easy access and download.

Register Now For Upcoming Industrial Security Training

Seats are still available for the following Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE) classes:

"Getting Started Seminar for New FSOs," August 11 - 12, 2015 (Linthicum, MD)
"Getting Started Seminar for New FSOs," August 17 - 18, 2015 (Cheswick, PA)CANCELLED
"Getting Started Seminar for New FSOs," August 20 - 21, 2015 (Rolling Meadows, IL)

This course is open to Facility Security Officers (FSOs) and Assistant Facility Security Officers (AFSOs), Security Specialists, and anyone employed in the security environment, such as Human Resource Managers, Administrative Assistants, Program Managers, or military members exiting the various armed services.

Due to the expansion of the counterintelligence block, this course is now extended to two full days. The prerequisite course "FSO Role in the NISP" is required for seminar registration.

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