Will CDSE still distribute certificates and lapel pins?

Yes. For Industry, certificates are shipped via express mail to the address listed in your STEPP account. For all others, SPēD certificates and lapel pins are sent to your owning DoD Component for presentation.

When do I receive my certificate?

It takes approximately 90 days from your assessment date for a conferred candidate to receive a SPēD certificate and lapel pin.

Why am I releasing my Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) files to DSS?

The DSS CDSE SPēD Certification Branch, in coordination with the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS), is officially updating DoD civilian personnel records to reflect certification conferrals. DMDC currently houses the credential records for DoD civilians. To release (and upload) records from DMDC to the DCPDS, you must first authorize the release of these records.

Please note, this action applies only to DoD civilians; it does not apply to Industry security professionals or to military personnel.

How do I designate my SPēD credential?

Those conferred SFPC are authorized to use the SFPC designation on business cards, resumes, and signature lines. SFPC credential holders may use this designation as long as they maintain active status. The designation "SFPC" should appear in all capital letters after a comma following the credential holder's name (i.e., John Doe, SFPC).

Those conferred SAPPC or SPIPC are authorized to use the SAPPC or SPIPC designation in the same manner as described above for SFPC. Because the SFPC must be earned to obtain the SAPPC or SPIPC, holders need only list SAPPC or SPIPC (i.e., John Doe, SPIPC).

What about other certifications? Will the SPēD Certification Program recognize them?

The SPēD Certification Program does not recognize equivalents and cannot confer SPēD certification(s) based on other credentials achieved by an individual. Each SPēD certification is or will be nationally accredited by an external accreditation organization. The standards for certification program accreditation prevent equivalencies and grandfathering except in narrow and predefined scenarios.

For certification renewal, the SPēD Program Office may recognize other credentials and professional development events as Professional Development Units (PDUs).

Who do I contact if I have a question regarding the SPēD Certification Program?

Contact your DoD Component SPēD PMO.